Interested in assured 10% to 30% energy conservation in your Air Compressor Network in your manufacturing plant?

Results from day one! ​

Air compressors claim highest share of electrical energy consumption in any manufacturing plant. Our innovative technology reduces operational costs of air compressors significantly. SaveCompAir helps you save energy and money, without changing your setup.

Want to know how much you can save?

Unmatched benefits for your industry.

Save energy, and costs

It is an energy saving invention. Installs to your existing air compressor network, without changing setup. Simply install it and forget it. Shows results from day one. It saves both energy and money.

Improve operations, reduce maintenance

Not just energy savings, it also provides uniform pressure till last point of operation in your plant. It reduces maintenance costs of compressors. Get improved safety and ease of operations. That's why we call it revolutionary.

The Advantages

Savings from day one

Don’t wait for months and years to get results. Our advanced technology gives you results from day one.

Easy to install

Installation of anything often requires huge labour efforts, big budget and loss of production for days and months. Not with SaveCompAir. It gets running in no time.

Saves Air Compressor's Maintenance cost

It reduces the compressor’s running hour consumption which increases spares’ life. It prevents early failure of unit. It’s magic, it’s science, it’s simply amazing.

Fits to any compressor Network

It is designed to be versatile. Moreover, our experts personally visit and customise it for your operation.

Uniform Pressure till end

SaveCompAir system is so advance that it can hold system pressure within 1 psig throughout your plant! It optimizes the supply and demand of any compressed air system.

Save energy cost

You will get assured savings from SaveCompAir technoology. Our clients say that savings always exceed estimations.

How it works

How you can get savecompair advantages

Step 1


Fill out a small form which helps us estimate your requirements. Based on this form our experts will estimate your energy savings and send to you, so you can make an informed choice.

Step 2


Our experts visit your site and physically survey the compressor systems, to understand further modalities and also to avoid any practical bottlenecks during installation.

Step 3


Once everything is set, we custom-make SaveCompAir system for your needs. This system is installed in your compressor system without damaging existing system.

Get savings for your air compressor systems

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